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Omura Wonder Soursop Natural Graviola Leaf Tea

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Omura Wonder Soursop Leaf Tea

Omura's Wonder Soursop Natural Graviola Leaf Tea provides a convenient tea bag filled with premium Soursop leaves, allowing you to enjoy the antioxidant-rich benefits of this exotic tea deliciously and quickly. Whether you prefer it hot or chilled, you can experience the natural properties of Soursop with this tea.

It comes in a pack of:
25 Tea-Bags,
50 Tea-Bags and
100 Tea-Bags | 2x50 Tea-Bags

Breakfast Tea with Omura Whole Leaf preparation.

Start your day with the best! Omura Soursop Natural Whole Leaf is a simple and natural ingredient that provides an unparalleled flavor to pair perfectly with your breakfast. Its caffeine-free properties and abundant natural antioxidants make it the perfect energy booster to power you through the day.

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The simple Tea with the unique flavor.

Delight in the natural leaves of soursop with Omura Wonder Soursop Natural Leaf Tea. This tea is made with high-quality soursop leaves and a hint of lemon optional, providing you with a delicious and natural remedy day. Enjoy the earthy flavors and refreshing taste of the amazing soursop tea.

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